Specters from the Past

Escape from Cryostasis

Tony, Dirk, and Hans volunteered for a cryostasis study run by CERN. They were expecting a nice long rest, a lot of free money, and a barrier between them and their past. However, something went terribly wrong.

The three awaken, expecting to be promptly greeted by the head researcher, Professor Pennington. However, the monitor link never turned on. Tony frantically hit the call button over and over, and Pennington never appeared. However, a dark room lit only with a outdated incandescent bulb appeared instead. Upon pressing the button again, the bulb shattered and piercing screams came from the speakers.

Continuing their exploration, the three happen upon a strange cube, with a pin-sized hole through it. Tony impulsively sticks a thread into the hole, and the thread catches on fire! Suddenly, the cube begins to get very hot, and red words appear on the sides.

However, each side is in a different language: Chinese, Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, Japanese, and Medieval French. Luckily, Dirk can read French. (see Spy Box Mark I for the text). The text keeps changing, however, until only one phrase is shown (in English): Welcome to the Future.

Now, Dirk and Tony begin hearing faint gunshots, explosions, and scraping metal noises from outside the facility. Meanwhile, Hans finds a secret door in the wall. Inside are two banks of computers with dead and decaying scientists at each one. Our heroes recognize them as the scientists that ran the cryostasis experiment. Hans gruffly pushes one aside, only to have him fall into a dark doorway and disappear.

Meanwhile, Tony explores the computers and finds many messages about the study, dating from September 1, 2040 to August 10, 1049. (Three important messages are found on the Spy Box Intranet page).

Dirk starts to explore the surroundings, only to fall down the slanted hallway. Hans and Tony follow him. After a few close calls, they all make it to the bottom safely, where they find some sort of waiting room for Spy Box Inc. (A Front for the Psychological Effects of the Apocalypse Program)

They go in the Spy Box facility and find several monitors that display the vital signs of each of Dirk, Tony, and Hans. Two other monitors were live feeds from camera-contacts in Tony and Hans eyes. (Dirk removes the contacts and keeps them in his pocket.)

They soon find an elevator, and emerge into the sunlight of the world above.



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